Agent Training Pt. 2

Step 1: Watch Appointment Preparation Video.

Step 2: Click the link below the video and register for Virtual Mentor.

Step 3: Download and Print all of the quote sheets

Step 4: In Virtual Mentor, find the best product for your client, and speak with your upline to determine if that is the correct product.

Step 5: Once your manager has approved the correct product, use the quote sheets and virtual mentor to figure out the quotes.

Step 6: Watch the Presentation Video

Step 7: Download the Presentation Script

Step 8: Listen to the audios below the Presentation Video for advanced training

Step 9: Watch the Application videos to learn how to properly fill out an application.

Step 10: Call your manager for a final gameplan call for your appointment

Having Success in the Home


Learning the “Critical Period Concept”

Emergency Response System


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